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I empower you to live a life that you enjoy. I do that by uniquely blending different modalities into a transformative process. Discover how Breathwork, Bio-Resonnance and Manual Therapy Massage holds the key to your freedom.

about Monika

My name is Monika and like many, I used to wake up anxious in the middle of the night, with shallow breathing and knots in my stomach.
I felt stuck in unhealthy patterns that left me unhappy and exhausted.
My journey began when I experienced firsthand how optimized breathing can radically improve resilience, energy, focus and overall wellbeing. Studying under pioneers like Wim Hof, Patrick McKewan, I learned techniques to control inflammation, stress, hormones and immunity - all through breath.This led me to become an advanced breathing instructor of the Oxygen Advantage, mastering the science of everyday breathing for increased endurance, alertness and recovery. I'm also authorized to use specially-composed breathing music clinically shown to enhance respiration awareness and benefits with Aria Breath.As a soft tissue therapist and physical education expert, I understand breathing from both Eastern and Western approaches. My integrative background allows me to demystify breathing and make it accessible to everyone.My mission is helping people energize their bodies, focus their minds and realize their potential through small, science-backed breathing practices woven into daily life. Proper breathing is the most powerful habit you're probably not doing. Let me show you how to breathe your way to becoming the best version of yourself.

The Power of Breath is the Power of Life, the Power of Simplicity.

Benefits of breathing correctly:Improved energy levels. Proper breathing techniques provide more oxygen to the body's cells, which increases energy. Deep belly breathing can give an energy boost when feeling tired or sluggish.Reduced stress and anxiety. Focused, diaphragmatic breathing triggers a relaxation response in the body and calms the nervous system. Even taking a few deep breaths when stressed can help relaxation.Lower blood pressure. Slow, deep breathing has been shown in studies to reduce blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow. This takes strain off the heart.Better sleep. Practicing deep breathing before bedtime promotes relaxation and helps fall asleep more easily. Rhythmic breathing can also improve sleep quality throughout the night.Enhanced concentration and focus. With increased oxygen, the brain functions at higher levels. Slow, measured breathing can improve attention span and mental clarity.Improved respiratory and immune health. Full breaths allow the lungs to fully expand and increase oxygen exchange, which improves lung function. Proper breathing techniques also increase circulation and white blood cell distribution to boost immunity.Relaxation of muscles and joints. Full exhales release muscle tension throughout the body. Rhythmic breathing also helps relax painful joints.Detoxification. Deep breathing supports lymphatic drainage to flush out toxins and waste products. More oxygen also promotes cell regeneration.In short, proper breathing provides a wide range of whole-body benefits. Making conscious breathing part of your daily routine can enhance both physical and mental health.

find your optimal breath: Healy's frequency medicine accelerates breath training benefits

In addition to our breathwork techniques, I also utilize the Healy device to support and enhance our practice. Healy provides a detailed scan of your biofield, giving us valuable biofeedback on areas of imbalance. We can then apply specifically chosen microcurrent frequency program to help harmonize your biofield and support overall wellbeing.With breathwork training and Healy support, clients often report easier, freer breathing, increased energy levels, better sleep, and an overall greater sense of health and inner calm. The combination of ancient breathwork wisdom and advanced biofield technology is a powerful way to help clients reduce stress, boost immunity and connect with their highest potential. Let me know if you have any other questions!
Find out more about HEALY here.

Transform your health and wellbeing through the power of cold immersion

Cold water exposure offers profound benefits for both body and mind.
As your guide, I'll help you:
Learn conscious breathing techniques to prepare both physically and mentally
Gradually acclimate to colder temperatures for greater comfort and safety
Harness the natural power of cold for reduced inflammation, a boosted metabolism, and release of feel-good hormones
Build lasting habits for enhanced wellbeing, mental toughness and inner peace
Connect deeply with your body and mind to find your innate strength and vitality
Experience the surge of energy, sense of accomplishment and wave of euphoria that comes from taking the plunge
Begin your journey to a stronger, healthier you through the life-changing magic of cold water immersion.

there is power in numbers

Seeking spiritual growth and community?Join my enlightening group sessions on
World of Enlighten.
In these intimate groups, we dive deep into personal development, meditation and manifesting your best life. Surround yourself with like-minded souls to gain profound insights and breakthroughs.New to this work? Book a free Discovery Call to see if my groups are right for you.
Don't struggle alone - join us to unfold your highest potential with connection, encouragement and community support!


Massage helps melt away tension, reconnect with the body, and retune the mind.

I also utilize manual therapy techniques like tailored massage to aid muscle recovery and integration after sessions. Combining Breathwork, Healy Biofeedback and Hands-On Bodywork allows me to offer a holistic approach customized to each client. With this integrated approach I help clients restore homeostasis, reduce anxiety, sleep better, concentrate deeper and transform their health. Contact me for an in person session at Until, Liverpool Street, Soho or Marylebone

what clients say about lessons with me:

Monika skillfully guided me through various breath techniques and exercises. Each session was tailored to my individual needs, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience.
The benefits quickly manifested in my daily life: improved oxygenation led to increased energy levels, heightened mental clarity, and an overall sense of well-being.
I highly recommend Monika's sessions; her genuine passion for sharing knowledge, guiding, and helping others improve their well-being is noticeable, always with a touch of fun and an uplifting atmosphere.
Thank you Monika !
I have been doing breath work with Monika for 6 months now and It has been transformative for me through a difficult time. I’ve never done it before and had no idea what to expect..
She is able to completely tailor each lesson to your needs
She asks lots of questions and guides you expertly through each exercise clearly explaining all of the benefits and physiological changes. Her knowledge is very impressive and she shares it generously.
In between our sessions she always checks in and offers extra exercises if needed.
I cannot recommend her highly enough. You know that you are in extremely capable and caring hands.

I’ve been training with Monika for months and it’s been truly transformative to my life. It’s not just Personal Training but a total body and mind experience. The programme with breathing exercises are entirely bespoke. Monika is incredibly knowledgeable, engaging, fun and enthusiastic and I’ve never felt in better hands to achieve my goals. The breathing exercises, have transformed my sleep and exercise. The whole body and mind focus, with massage became even more important to help with my recovery following a recent accident. With Monika’s patient and guided support, the deep tissue and lymphatic drainage and exercises she devised through my early stages post injury has put me on an incredible trajectory to complete recovery. You are a star Monika, and as a sceptic on the breathing, I am now a complete and utter convert. Breathing/PT/Massage - Yvonne"Best massage I’ve had in years! Monika was absolutely phenomenal! She really listened to what my body needed and after our session I was totally pain free! She’s a miracle worker and I will now always request her! Thank you!" Deep Tissue Massage - Laura"Had a fantastic afternoon being led through a 30 minute breathing exercise and then being guided through the cold water which felt amazing, Monika was extremely supportive and created and peaceful and relaxing space, I highly recommend this to anyone and I will definitely be doing more sessions." Breathing - Cav McLain